Things You Can’t and Can Do In The Toilet

    Things You Can’t and Can Do In The Toilet

    We don’t get down: the smallest room is the place where we all do a few times a day our thing. But of course, it is not! These are the things we all do when we go to the bathroom especially if you have high tech toilet and very comfort.

    It is well known that women’s spine is going to the bathroom. This is not only very pleasant, but we are very hard at multitasking. From our favorite lipstick update to the stalking of our crush on social media: these are the things all women do on the toilet.

    Things You Cannot Do In Toilet

    Do not Stop the toilet with waste

    Never rinse kitchen roll, dipstick, binders, condoms or swabs into the bathroom. It stops the toilet and gives overtime work at the sewage treatment plant. You must not use the toilet as a waste bin.

    Never let the toilet run

    If your bathroom is running, do not just ignore the resulting sound and the turmoil in the water mirror. It can cost up to 16,000 kroner a year to have a toilet that stands and runs. Then it is cheaper to call for a plumbing technician.

    Toothbrushes are best without shit

    You never have to have your toothbrush standing in the bathroom if there is a toilet in the room. The toothbrush must enter a closed cabinet or stand in another place. Every time you pull out in the toilet, small-sized bacteria come out into the room, which sets themselves on the toothbrush.

    And no, it doesn’t help to knock the board down every time you pull out. It only makes the bacteria fly into space at a higher speed. The small crack between the dressing board and the toilet lid works in the same way as if you hold your finger over a water hose and spray the water into a sharp beam.

    Do not drink water from the tap on the toilet

    In toilets, there may be many pathogenic bacteria. And these microorganisms are continually shaping up. Therefore, do not pick up drinking water from a faucet on a toilet. And it is therefore appropriate to wash your fingers after the toilet visits in one wash basin and to tap drinking water from another washbasin.

    Remember to wash your hands

    Even if you are a man and have just peeker a little year, wash your hands after the toilet visit. Not because you can have a little pee on your fingers, but there may be a myriad of bacteria on your fingers after the toilet visit because you have touched the door handle and the board. So remember to wash with soap.

    Do not let the bowl be dirty

    The toilet is the place in the house where there are most bacteria. And there can be both dangerous salmonella bacteria and E Coli. So make sure to make the toilet clean one to twice a week. Salmonella bacteria can survive up to 6 weeks in the toilet bowl.

    Never let the dog drink from the toilet

    Some dogs get the habit of drinking water from the toilet. It is neither sweet nor funny. But dangerous. It is both dangerous for the dog that can get stomach infections and dangerous for you because the dog then goes around with other many bacteria on the mouth and toe, which it can spread to you and your family.

    Do not rinse the face in the sink

    There are often as many bacteria in your washbasin as in your toilet. So do not fill the wash basin with water and then rinse the face in the water. Then you can just as well flush your face in the toilet. Rinse the face in running water or thoroughly clean the wash basin before washing the face.

    Use the men’s toilet if you want to avoid bacteria

    There are most bacteria on a ladies ‘ toilet. Although the ladies ‘ restroom often looks cleaner, there are more bacteria in women. American scientists believe this is because women sit down, both when they urinations and make big.

    Try not to set records with toilet paper

    Do not roll all the toilet rolls together into a toilet roll in the hope of making the world’s most massive roll of toilet paper. You can’t just do that in an afternoon. The world’s largest roll of toilet paper is only under 3 meters in diameter and was made by Proctor & Gamble in Ohio, USA, in 2011.

    Things You Can Do In Toilet

    1. Our crush stalls on all possible social media channels that the guy in question has. After all, if we have to take a moment, we might as well make use of the situation, right? Secretly, you see all his photos, just as long as you’re deep down in his feed. And forward, you also look at the timeline of his ex-girlfriend.

    2. Where does that say that women don’t defecate anyway? Of course, we do that, but it is such a ladylike to go straight through when you have your brown friend, especially on a public toilet or when you are at work. Hopefully, no one has done that you did a number two.

    3. Check all the updates of our girlfriends. Nowadays there are so many apps and other social media channels that it is hardly more to keep track. A toilet moment is an ideal situation to read all the exciting stories of your girlfriends. And forward, we’ll also respond to the umpteenth status update of your grandfather. Sigh.

    4. Read a book. Some people like to read a book when they in the toilet. You can try read your favorite book.

    5. When in the club: an eternity musing about that cute boy who has been paying your drinks all evening. Is He worth a night to dive into the suitcase or do you still flirt with him until he weighs us? Dilemmas, Dilemmas! under updating your lipstick and gossiping about this cute guy, of course, must be urinated as well. ‘ Can someone tell me the toilet paper here? ‘

    6. If we are talking about men, the toilet is also the right place to hide from sticky guys. For your feeling already a thousand times you have made that one guest clear that you do not see him, but there is a heavy gun for him to reject. “Gosh, sorry, but I have chronic diarrhea and can’t stop now!” Delicious, just a moment for yourself.


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