Clean Restaurant Toilets Indicate the Hygiene Level of the Foods?

    restaurant toilet

    It is sure that the easiest way to check the hygiene level of a restaurant is by checking their toilets. Who are agree with this?

    You can imagine how it can make your appetite down to the lowest level when you can smell the stinky toilet while you are having your dish. That will be the most unpleasant feelings that can makes you won’t come back again to enjoy your meal there.

    3 Most Cleanest Restaurant Toilets Based on Our Experiences

    As we have been having lunch and dinner in some of restaurant around United States and Canada. We have concluded the top 3 candidates of restaurant toilets which are meet our standard in matter of clean level and the design:

    1. Arthur Boralia’s Restaurant

    The Boralia’s restaurant in Canada is one of my favorite restaurant when you want to get the most delicious meat dishes. Either it is BBQ or smoked meat. The charcoals grills yet gives you the pleasant and flavorful smells around the restaurant but not only that, we got surprised because of their toilets which is very clean and fresh.

    boralia restaurant toilet

    Source: Timeout Magazine

    As you can see on the picture above, everything looks neat and clean, nothing overwhelm but this is perfect one. They seems also use their authentic perfume and extra air purifier to make the air pretty fresh separating from the BBQ smoke smells from the kitchen.

    Their menu also tremendous, one of the best in Canada. That is why no wonder recommended this restaurant to visit while in Canada since 2016.

    2. Cheese Cake Factory

    cheesecake factory toilet

    If you go to San Francisco, try to visit Cheese Cake Factory restaurant. They have the best cheese cake and pasta. As their restaurant can be categorized as luxury restaurant you will not surprise to find their toilet is up from standard.

    They have a toilet which can make you feel like home. When you check how they design it with very old style tile and dual flush toilet as their standard.

    It is very simple, yet authentic that is why we listed it as our second recommended restaurant toilet in this article.

    3. Pio Pio Chicken

    Pio Pio Toilet

    Pio Pio Chicken in New York stole our heart not only because their delicious Peruvian chicken dish, but also the cleanest of their toilet.

    They have nothing but all white color makes it very easy for you to spot any single dirt or anything that can makes everything looks dirty. But guess what? nothing! They have a ready on spot cleaner who will clean everything once somebody just used the toilet.

    It is pretty awesome for that kind of small restaurant have this typical clean and white toilet.


    We should agree that a clean toilet in restaurant means a lot of the guests. It cannot be the straight indicator whether they have hygiene foods, because we should check their kitchen.

    But check kitchen directly most of time is prohibited so the best we can do is by checking their toilet.


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