Plumbing Tips for Thanksgiving Day

    Plumbing Tips

    Thanksgiving is a special day which celebrated by almost all family in the United States. Everything must be prepared before Thanksgiving is no exception to your plumbing problem.

    Our article will discuss some plumbing tips that you can do before and during Thanksgiving. But before we discuss about the tips, some of you may be wondering about Thanksgiving history.

    Thanksgiving History

    Thanksgiving Day is a sign of thanking God for all his gifts. The history of Thanksgiving began in the 17th century as a harvest festival set up by colonists and Indians. Meanwhile, it has grown into a family celebration with different traditions.

    The ship de Mayflower departed on 6 September 1620 from the British Plymouth and sailed to America. There were 102 English and Dutch settlers on board who wanted to build a new life on this new continent, where they were free to confess their religion.

    In their homeland, this was not always the case. It was a big journey in which a large part of the seafarers died. In March 1621, the remaining settlers landed in Plymouth in the state of Massachusetts, where they founded the Plymouth Colony upon arrival.

    After their arrival failed due to bad weather the harvest. Indians of the Wampanoag tribe who lived in the area, shot the settlers to help. They taught them how to survive by sharing their knowledge about how to grow corn, for e.g: catching fish and which plants were edible.

    Thanks to the help of the Indians and by the improved weather it came well with the harvest and could be harvested in November 1621. The settlers closed a covenant with the Indians of the Wampanoag tribe and invited them to a harvest festival to celebrate that the harvest was successful and to thank God for all that he had given them.

    History Thanksgiving

    4 Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

    As we know the Americans eat turkey, potatoes, and cake, watch sports and spend time with their family on Thanksgiving. Most of US people will have special dinner in one of the family members, usually the parent’s home.

    The kitchen will be flooded with all the ingredients for the dinner menu especially Turkey. Which mean also that your plumbing will be flooded with all the garbage from your kitchen sinks.

    So here are the tips to follow to avoid plumbing disaster during your big day:

    1. Don’t treat garbage disposal like your outdoor trash can

    Your house’s garbage disposal sometimes handles so much food and drink inside. Pay attention to the food and drinks you throw into it. Don’t treat him like your outdoor garbage box. Do not throw food like potatoes, carrots, onions, oil, fat or eggs. All these objects are difficult to destroy and can cause blockages in your waterways.

    Keep your garbage disposal by pouring dish soap into it to get a fragrance that is fresher. You can also use some lemon slices for a sweeter aroma. If your garbage disposal is damaged, do not try to repair it yourself. But try to contact your plumbing service if you got any problem in your garbage disposal.

    2. Give 10 minutes break when you want to take a shower

    If your guests take a nap when Thanksgiving, waiting about 10 minutes before going to shower. You do this thing to keep the hair that moves through your plumbing has enough time to spread and dispose of it yourself.

    If there is a pile of hair in your bathroom duct, this can cause the hair to become clogged. You can also consider using a filter on the drain in your bathroom. This can prevent blockages.

    3. Always check plumbing and toilets before Thanksgiving

    Always verify all your plumbing at any time before Thanksgiving is something you must do. Contact a reliable and skilled pipe contractor to check your canal or toilet. By doing this, you can be sure there are no blockages in your drainage and toilet because it is one of important thing todo before thanksgiving.

    Because it will be a bad thing, your toilet will stink or become clogged when Thanksgiving arrives.

    4. Use Sink Stainer

    The best way to prevent blockages is to use a sink filter. By using this, you can ensure that there are no food impurities that enter and clog your channel. You can also dispose of the trash easily into your trash box.


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