Geberit’s New Aquaclean Toilet is a High-Tech Throne a Royal

There is a reasonable probability that you are already sitting in the toilet and reading this with your smartphone in your hands. This is how we are men. If not, don’t do that much, but you’ll probably want to go for a walk on the throne when you’re done enjoying this article because Geberit’s Aquaclean toilets are a high-tech throne a king worthy. I have had the pleasure of sitting in the toilet, and it is quite addictive.

Why? Just look at all the cool features here in the video and get a closer explanation of Geberit Aquaclean further down the article.

High Technology Toilet – Geberit Aquaclean

When you think about it, your home has already begun to be smart with electric lamps, radiators and, in fact, most anything else, so why not also increase the intelligence of your toilet? That’s precisely what you get with a Geberit Aquaclean Mera.

The toilet is designed by Christoph Behling, which, among other things, designs watch for Tag Heuer, and it has an entirely stylish white look and a chromed design cover to make the wall-hung toilet look like it floats in the air. Immediately it just seems like a damn crisp toilet, but then there are also all the cool features that make it a bold gadget.

The smart start already before you even use the toilet, because it is of course connected to your smartphone via the included app, so you can save and set your personal preferences in relation to the seat temperature, the douche beam and much more, or you can use the dedicated remote control to control the fun.

Some Features of Geberit Aquaclean

Orientation lights in a variety of colors, so you don’t have to turn on the light in the bathroom at night.

Touch-Free automatic toilet lid, so you don’t have to use your hands – it also solves the whole problem with the seat down or up, because it closes by itself.

Heat in the toilet seat – not because another person has just sat.

Smell extraction to remove all the discomfort to the nose that belongs to a toilet visit.

WhirlSpray-Douch Technology with five adjustable pressure steps to clean you in the rear without paper and run by a wireless connection so consider you have an excellent internet connection or have the best wifi router.

LadyDouch for gentle cleaning of the lady’s female parts.

Hot air dryer with an adjustable temperature that dries you completely back after rinsing.

Toilet bowl without rinsing rim and with turboflush flushing technique to rinse almost silently and incredibly thoroughly.

Yes, Geberit’s Aquaclean technology features a flush function that, in the style of a bidet, washes you in the back and finally air dries it all, so you can complete your toilet visit without using paper. The technology is currently built into the toilet, so you would never guess that it is not a common one of the kind. It is quite well done that they have squeezed such a function into the toilet while preserving the aesthetics.

Now I have had the pleasure of trying the douche function as they call it, and I must honestly admit that it seemed a little odd at first. This is also because there was a little too much pressure on the beam, but I quickly regulated it down to a comfortable level.

Then you have to sit back while it completely automatically washes everything clean, and then I just pressed a button on the remote control to get the air cleaner out. And so it works. I leave the toilet completely dry and completely clean. So clean, because it feels a little like just having been in the shower.

Fresh and clean. Of course, it requires just a little habituation, but once you’ve dropped the paper and given you full to the water, it’s the only right thing. Yes, it’s addictive.


After all, it makes a great high-tech toilet I ever use. I do not doubt that this is going to be the one-man-house in every home. That is why, of course, there are just a few taboos that need to get out of the way before it is gaining ground. But do you even the service to try a douche toilet. It is undoubtedly an experience that will be guaranteed to move your perception of being clean. And now forget all that is called embarrassment. Even the Queen goes to the toilet.