How Much Does a Changing Places Toilet Cost?

2020 has been a difficult year for many (to say the least!), and big purchases need to be considered by public and private sector organisations more than ever. If you’re wondering how much a Changing Places toilet costs, please read on.

Changing Places Toilet Cost

There are numerous benefits to installing a Changing Places toilet, but they all come at a price. If you are looking to adapt an existing space into a fully compliant Changing Places facility, prices start from £12,000 for the supply and (second fix) installation of all specialist equipment.

Costs can quickly escalate if large-scale building adaptation work is required, and in many instances a new modular facility can be more cost-efficient.

There are few modular providers in the market, but prices tend to average between £50,000 – £60,000 for the supply and installation of a high-specification modular Changing Places facility.

Be wary of any additional costs, such as groundworks. These are typically charge in addition and can be costly, so ensure this is captured within your original quotation.

Changing Places Toilet Cost

Benefits Beyond Changing Places Toilet Cost

Of course, it’s important to consider other factors beyond a simple ROI. Financial gain is likely – particularly for tourist attractions and days out that will unquestionably experience an increase in visitor numbers from disabled visitors.

But, the real benefit of a Changing Places toilet is the human benefit. Many people in the UK can’t leave their homes for fear that they won’t be able to access a suitable bathroom. Changing Places genuinely change lives for some of society’s most vulnerable people.

The Business Case for Investment

Beyond the moral arguments for Changing Places, there are clear financial benefits. Put simply, organisations with Changing Places toilets capitalise on missed revenue from those that don’t.

There are various legal considerations regarding Changing Places toilets – most notably the significant recent changes made to English building regulations.

From January 2021 onwards, building regulations in England will require thousands of Changing Places to be designed and built into new public buildings.

Available Funding

The government are incentivising organisations to invest in retrofit solutions with a new £30 million Changing Places Fund that will be rolled out in 2021. Other funding includes:

  • NHS Hospitals: £2 million is available for NHS Acute (Hospital) Trusts in England
  • Community & Voluntary Organisations: Funding can be applied for for from The Big Lottery Fund or The Tudor Trust.
  • Local Authorities: LA’s can apply for Section 106 funding if there is a particular need within a new developments’ locality
  • Business Grants: The Governments grants and support directory is a good starting place for businesses looking for ways to fund a Changing Places toilet