What is Inside a Changing Places Facility?

A Changing Places facility is different to a standard accessible toilet, utilising a range of equipment and design features to help severely disabled people use the bathroom in comfort. This article focusses on what is inside a Changing Places for it to be considered suitable.

How Much Does a Changing Places Toilet Cost?

2020 has been a difficult year for many (to say the least!), and big purchases need to be considered by public and private sector organisations more than ever. If you’re wondering how much a Changing Places toilet costs, please read on.

Geberit’s New Aquaclean Toilet is a High-Tech Throne a Royal

There is a reasonable probability that you are already sitting in the toilet and reading this with your smartphone in your hands. This is how we are men. If not, don’t do that much, but you’ll probably want to go for a walk on the throne when you’re done enjoying this article because Geberit’s Aquaclean… Continue reading Geberit’s New Aquaclean Toilet is a High-Tech Throne a Royal

What is a Bio Digester?

Bio-Digester is a decomposition mechanized toilet system which decomposes Human Excretory Waste in the digester tank using specific high graded bacteria further converting it into methane and water, discharged further to the desired surface. Bio-digesters are a totally maintenance-free system, which don’t require any sewage system. The inoculums bacteria used in these bio-digester procreate &… Continue reading What is a Bio Digester?